Our Experts Specialize in Removing Mold and Sanitizing Spaces, So You Can Conduct Business (Life) As Usual.

We Understand How to Identify and Eliminate Mold and Viruses In Spaces and On Surfaces.

Because Everyone Deserves to Breathe Healthy Indoor Air.

Superior HIA  Experts in Mold Removal Services and Sanitizing Spaces

Who we are.

Superior is a mold cleaning company utilizing a proprietary process that is fast and non-destructive to surfaces. Superior experts understand you don’t always need to rip out or replace areas that are moldy.  They understand how to treat and eliminate it.

Whether it’s wood, drywall, grout, or fabric, our unique technique will remove the mold without harming the material being cleaned. And it’s so fast the mold disappears almost instantly.

Exclusive to Superior, you won’t find this capability from our competitors. Because it’s more than a secret sauce. It’s a special system. One built with a team that has over 80 years of mold removal experience.  Members of the Superior team are licensed, bonded, insured, and most importantly certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification).  So when mold enters your home or commercial space, it’s time for Superior. It’s time to breathe easy.


What we do. 

At Superior, we test for mold and remove it so you can get back to your normal routine.  Our proprietary process allows us to move quickly.

In most cases, if mold is visible, there’s likely no need to test. But if you suspect there’s mold because of a damp feeling or a musty smell, then we’ll test the air and surface areas. Should the space test positive for mold then our team will work quickly to find the source. That means finding the root cause of the water, moisture, or dampness creating a perfect environment for mold to grow.

Mold begins to grow when mold spores come into contact with wet surfaces. While there are many types of mold, none of them will exist without moisture. Many times the source of that moisture can be easily remedied. But if more complicated repairs are needed, we can refer you to very qualified contractors.   The important thing to know is Superior will do what few others know how to do – remove mold off walls, ceilings, draperies, furniture and clothes, and get your indoor air back to air you actually want to breathe again.  Did we mention we do it fast?


“In late July we discovered mold growth in several rooms of our 35 room facility. After contacting several organizations about solutions in remediation our choice was clear. Your team’s approach to our unique circumstances was custom-tailored to fit our needs. From the initial inspection of our facilities to finding and giving advice on eliminating the causes of mold growth to the detailed cleaning and treating of all surfaces, the service was delivered in a quick and professional manner.” 

Mark Gulley

Maintenance Group Leader, Elsa, LLC

How to know if you need us.

Well, the best way is to rely on your eyes and nose. If you can see mold, you have an issue. Often times you may sense you have a problem because your nose tells you. Any smell of mustiness is a telltale sign. And, if your eyes are itchy and watery and you’re sneezing and miserable, it may not be allergy problems from outside, but air quality problems inside.

Of course, mold can grow anywhere there’s moisture. It may be under a kitchen cabinet, in your bathroom, or around windows and skylights. If it’s on a non-porous surface, and the area is less then 10 square feet, the EPA encourages you to clean it yourself. However, other common trouble spots include attics, basements and crawl spaces, and that’s when you need us. And we can usually be there within 48 hours.

Where Mold Commonly Grows at Home

Mold can grow anywhere there’s moisture. It’s also important to know that mold doesn’t just grow in an old home.  Superior helps homeowners, homebuyers, and real estate agents better understand the most likely places within the home for mold to lurk.   

  • Under a kitchen cabinet
  • Inside a bathroom
  • Around windows and skylights
  • Inside a basement or crawlspace
  • Inside an attic

Where Mold Grows In Commercial Spaces

Mold plays no favorites, it simply seeks out moisture.  Public and private businesses, and facilities face mold problems and removing it quickly is important.  Superior works with large businesses and buildings like these to keep you free of mold.

  • Churches, Stadiums, and Theatres
  • Warehouses, Apartments, Condos and Gyms
  • Meeting & Convention Spaces
  • Factories, Airports, and Public Buildings
  • Universities, Hotels/Motels, and Restaurants

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