Avoid Spring Streams In Your Vulnerable Spaces. How to Prevent Mold During Rainy Months.

 Spring showers bring flowers! Or mold spores! The more it rains in your area, the more likely you are to get mold in your home. SporeMasters is here to help you avoid spring streams in your vulnerable spaces. Here is how to prevent mold in prone areas.

#1. Look for water stains or signs of leaks.

It doesn’t take long for mold to grow after water has saturated an area, if you see any water stains near faucets, under sinks, or in seals of windows or doors, call SporeMasters immediately so we can remediate the problem and prevent further molding.

 #2. Proper ventilation.

Nobody wants to open windows and doors while it’s raining, but getting some airflow in your home is very important to preventing mold. Once the rain spell passes, put on a sweater and let some airflow through your home, this helps dry out and ventilate potentially damp areas.

 #3. Place a dehumidifier in basements and damp rooms.

Some rooms in homes are more prone to mold than others, so get ahead of the problem during the rainy season and place a dehumidifier in those rooms to collect excess moisture in the air. If this isn’t working, or you still suspect mold, a SporeMasters technician will come to inspect the area.

 The SporeMasters team of experts is here to help with tips on how to prevent mold from happening in your spaces.  We’re also here to help if it does.