At SporeMasters, protecting your homes and workspaces from mold and harmful pathogens is of the utmost priority to us. We are an indoor air quality and mold cleaning company with more than 60 years of professional experience. Given the unique circumstances that COVID-19 has created for many companies trying to get back to business as usual, we have expanded our services into disinfectant treatments for office spaces, workplaces, and public areas that are highly trafficked. Our experts are highly trained, licensed, bonded, insured, and most importantly certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification).  

Minimal Risk

We understand the importance of keeping your building clean and minimizing any risk to your employees.  This includes minimizing your staff’s risk of directly applying disinfectants. You can rest assured that the SporeMaster team is equipped with state-of-the-art protective gear to do the job for you.  We apply botanical CDC disinfectants that are widely used and trusted to disinfect highly contaminated areas of all types.    

Sanitation On-Site Service

Sanitation On-Site (SOS) Services by our experts includes the use of electrostatic sprayers misting disinfectant into the air and onto spaces up to 10 feet high.  An electrostatic sprayer, with a specialized solution, contains positively charged particles that adhere to objects and surfaces.  This makes it a highly effective treatment to combat germs, viruses, and areas of containment.  In addition to electrostatic misting, SporeMasters experts excel in the detail.  Our experts physically wipe down surfaces to ensure they are all properly sanitized.  Air scrubbing and air duct cleanings are also options when sanitizing your space.  

As COVID-19 has proven to be an airborne virus that contaminates surfaces, these Sanitation On-Site (SOS) options are proven to be effective in stopping the spread of this virus. SOS is the best solution available to sanitize your space and prioritize the safety of everyone entering and leaving a facility. 

EPA & CDC Certified

Both SporeMasters services and products are EPA and CDC certified.  Our experts utilize products that are proven to kill 99.9% of viruses within a 10-second timeframe, including COVID-19. One of our team members will work with you to ensure you are picking the right sanitation option for your workplace.  

As state and local safety guidelines are ever-changing, we are here to help your business abide by these guidelines and help the reopening process go smoothly and safely. The best part, we arrive on-site in an unmarked service vehicle, keeping our services subtle to the public eye but space-saving to you and yours. 

Contact us at SPOREMASTERS.COM for more information or to schedule an estimate.