Understanding how professionals like SporeMasters remove mold.

The truth is, mold is everywhere. Mold is indoors, outdoors and microscopic mold spores are constantly in the air looking to hitch a ride into moisture-rich areas where they can flourish. Unfortunately, this happens often in homes and commercial spaces. 

What is Mold Remediation?

Since mold is everywhere, it is impossible to get rid of it completely— this is where remediation comes in. At SporeMasters we remove harmful mold and treat highly impacted areas to restore a healthy environment. First, we assess the severity of the mold problem. Mold is commonly visible in moisture-rich areas, but if it is not, we can detect it with air particle counters to determine the air quality on a pass/fail basis. Next, we move on to diagnosing the most effective cleaning treatment, whether that be the air, the infected area, or both. This can range from one treatment to multiple treatments over time based upon how infected the space is during assessment. 

SporeMasters Experts

The key to highly effective mold remediation is identifying the source- which our SporeMasters experts are trained to best identify. As a rule of thumb, wherever water flows, mold grows. We will then work to organize the best plan for prevention post-remediation because as we said, mold is everywhere.

At SporeMasters we are dedicated to delivering high-quality service, to match our high-quality products, giving customers the best mold remediation possible. And, the best part– we do it discreetly as our trucks are identified only with the SporeMasters crest.