Family BBQ’s, baseball games, sun, fun, family vacations, and ….mold.  Higher temps are here in the Midwest which mean a higher potential for mold. Mold thrives when it’s warm and wet. Because summer temps hit high numbers, many places in your home can hit 77 degrees Fahrenheit mark. The high temps paired with leaky pipes, a humid bathroom, basement or anywhere wet in your home is a recipe for summer mold. But there but are several ways to fight it. 

The risk of mold growth in your home increases in summer due to several factors like warmer weather and summer rainstorms. So how do you prevent mold in summer?

  • Best to keep the relative humidity below 50 precent, if higher than that in your home, purchase a dehumidifier. Mold doesn’t grow well in dry environments.
  • Use ceiling fans and open windows if it’s not raining outside
  • Fix plumbing leaks as soon possible
  • Prevent any rainwater from seeping into your home or garage
  • Watch for any condensation or moisture in your air ducts. AC can ramp up condensation and that provides a place for mold to grow. 
  • Clean fabrics routinely in your home and keep them dry
  • Make sure your clothes dryer is vented to the outdoors—not your attic or crawlspace. 
  • Close windows when it rains
  • If you notice a musty smell—beware. You probably have mold.